General Terms and Conditions GERMANY (Status 29 September 2014)

(1) The event contract within the meaning of the following General Terms & Conditions shall be the contract between the orderer (exhibitor) and YOURCAREERGROUP GmbH (organiser) concerning the rental of stand areas or premises during the applicant fairs “Recruiting Days of YOURCAREERGROUP” for the purpose of personnel recruitment. The organiser undertakes to make available the agreed stand areas or premises. The allocation of individual stand areas/premises is done by the organiser. The organiser reserves the right to allocate to the exhibitor stand areas/premises other than those confirmed, if there is an important reason for this and if the other stand areas/premises correspond to the confirmed stand areas/premises in terms of furnishings and location. It is not permitted for the exhibitor to sub-let or re-let the stand areas/premises without the explicit approval of the organiser.

The event contract shall be concluded after the organiser confirms the signed event contract in writing or by e-mail. The organiser reserves to the right to cancel individual events/destinations if the minimum participant number of 15 exhibitors per event/destination is not reached. The cancellation is communicated to the exhibitor at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the event. In this case, claims for damages by the exhibitor shall be excluded.

All prices result from the event contract and are considered in addition to the valid legal VAT. Third-party services at the event site shall be settled directly with the company providing the service.

With the conclusion of the contract, a prepazment of 30% of the expected total rent becomes due for payment taking into account advance media-related services performed by the organiser. The payment of the balance amount is due at the start of the event. In the event that the prepayment is not made on time, the organiser reserves the right to wholly or partially exclude the exhibitor from the event and the associated media-related services. The invoiced amount is to be paid without any deduction within 14 days after the exhibitor's receipt of the invoice. A refund or reimbursement of services which have not been used shall be excluded. Cancellation of the event contract is possible up to 8 weeks prior to the start of the event. 30% of the agreed fee is due as a cancellation fee. Subsequent to this, a cancellation of the event contract shall no more be possible.

The exhibitor holds responsibility for the setting up and dismantling, the furnishing of the stand, as well as organising staff on/within the rented stand area/premise. During open visiting hours, the stand is to be furnished appropriately and equipped with professionally competent staff. It is not permitted to start dismantling measures prior to the official end of the event. YOURCAREERGROUP is entitled to issue a penalty of EUR 500 in the case of each transgression against this regulation by the exhibitor. The exhibitor shall ensure that after the end of the event all objects and materials brought by him or received during the course of the event shall be removed or taken back with him. The exhibitor remains free to bring his own advertising materials. However, the use of advertising materials, signposts and any presentation equipment shall be restricted entirely to the areas designated for such purposes. The use of any advertising materials outside of the areas rented by the exhibitor is subject to explicit approval by the organiser. The exhibitor is obligated to follow and observe all directives of the organiser or the organisation as well as the course of the event.

Claims for damages incurred by the exhibitor, or for damages occurring on objects brought by the exhibitor, especially such as arise from culpable breach of contract, infringements committed negligently and consequential damages, shall be excluded. This shall not apply in the case of mandatory liability resulting from contractually typical foreseeable damages based on legal grounds in the event of wilful intent, gross negligence or breach of central contractual obligations caused by simple negligence. The exhibitor indemnifies the organiser from any third-party claims in connection with the exhibitor. For objects brought, especially in the case of technical presentation equipment, the exhibitor is obliged to ensure the approprite insurance coverage. The organiser shall not assume any liability for any defects arising from the advertising campaign, unless the defect can be demonstrated to have arisen from the wilful malintent or gross negligence of the organiser. If the event cannot take place due to force majeure, strikes or political events, claims for damages from the organiser shall be principally excluded.

Place of jurisdiction and performance shall be Düsseldorf. Any modifications to these terms shall require the written confirmation of the organiser. In the event of the invalidity of individual provisions, the remaining provisions of the contract shall remain binding. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply.

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