Hilton Vienna

Hilton Vienna am Stadtpark

Event: 02.10.2018

Visitor opening hours:
10.00 am – 03.00 pm

There is no registration required - visit to the fair is free of charge.


Exhibitors of the Recruiting Day in Vienna 2018

Program 2018

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Workshop "My personality"

Irene Kribernegg, MBA, has her toolbox of methods and best practice examples to help you gain more clarity for your strengths and areas of development. With this gained self-understanding and self-consciousness, you will make your own brand even more authentic along your career path and score points in all areas through your sovereign appearance.



#HiTech, HiTouch

#HiTech, HiTouch - The interaction of digital & social competences in the tourism sector

Digitisation has long since arrived in tourism and is considered one of the most important competences of the industry. Initiated by the Austrian tourism universities, you will learn more about the interaction of social and digital competences in this interactive workshop. 



Our tips for you

What should you do before the fair?

1. browse the exhibitor overview of your preferred location at www.meinkarrieretag.de. Please note that the exhibitor overview may not yet be complete, as some companies may need a little more time to make a decision. Once you have found the employer of your choice, find out more about them. 

2. prepare your application portfolio with cover letter, curriculum vitae and certificates. You should also have short applications ready.

3. Check out the social programme and decide what you want to visit. Create a schedule.  

4. choose an appropriate outfit.


What is important during the fair?

What is important during the fair?

1. take the chance and visit the employer of your choice. Be open-minded and convinced: The HR managers are happy when a relaxed and informal discussion takes place.

2. benefit from the diverse supporting programme. Discover your new employer during the 20-minute company presentation.

3. visit the information event, where we give valuable tips & tricks from practice for the preparation of the application portfolio.

4. are you unsure whether your application portfolio is optimally prepared? Clear out all doubts and let us put them through their paces during the application portfolio check. 


And then - what happens next?

And then - what happens next?

1. be patient and give HR time to review the documents.

2. Submit missing documents.

3. ask for two weeks friendly.


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