Privathotel  Lindtner Hamburg

Privathotel Lindtner Hamburg

Event: 24.04.2018
Visitor opening hours:
10.00 am – 03.00 pm

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Exhibitors of the Recruiting Day 2018

Program 2018

Company presentations in Hamburg (10.30 - 12.50 am)

The following companies will present themselves to you through 20-minute presentations in Hamburg. Visitors can get to know all about professional perspectives and career opportunities.

Further information is available on secondary side.



Application coaching (10:00 am-15:00 pm)

Discreet - professional - competent: Advisors from a Recruitment Agency are happy to offer you advice and guidance in a 15 minute long individual consultations at all Recruiting Days. They can give you helpful tips, i.e. how you could optimise your application documents, and assist you in being well-prepared in achieving your professional goals. This way you can successfully plan your career!

A registration in advance is not necessary. Don't hesitate to stop by.


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